Capture Your 365

This year I wanted to do something creative outside of my norm. On New Year’s eve ‘Capture Your 365’ floated by and I hit enter and signed up. One photo a day with a prompt for a theme with some wonderful encouragement. My friends Cindy & Dennis are also taking photos with me. I’m writing a journal for each day. This post will be linked on my right sidebar and will have all 365 photos.

Right now I’m sharing each photo and the story of it on my personal page at facebook with the story. I’m not sure if I’ll post a weekly round up here, or just keep the journal. I might do a book at the end of the year with the stories and photos. I also started an album. I think i can create a book from that album, have you done that? Let me know!

My Album with Stories

Have you ever done a ‘one thing a day’ project?

My word of the year is JOY, so i put that graphic first. You can read that story HERE

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