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My interest in Elvis Presley started way before I acquired this pile of fabric.  Back when I was a teenager in the 70s listening to the Armed Forces radio station. I was just a kid when Elvis died, but like many, that was just the beginning of being a loyal fan.

10 year ago in 2008 my family took a trip to Sun Studio in Memphis and I was inspired by how important this studio was in creating great Rock and Roll icons. 

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We had a great docent gave us loads of back stories about the artists who recorded there. 

At that time we could go into the recording studio and stand at the mic. Which is one of only a few used in that studio. Which means ..yes.. Elvis touched this mic. I sure wish I knew how to sing! 

I love novelty fabrics so Over the years I collected loads of Elvis fabrics. And I was even sent a box of fabric by a quilter who knew I was collecting, such treasures in there!

When Donna Desoto put out a call for artists for her “Inspired by Elvis” book, I signed up.  We each had a song to use as our inspiration. He has a lot of songs! My selection is ‘Patch It Up’… perfect right?

I wanted either the mic on my quilt or the iconic ‘ELVIS’ that was behind him for his Las Vegas shows. 

I had PLENTY of fabric for the backing. 

This was SO fun to create. I was able to use small Elvis prints in the background then more in the fans. I still seem to have Elvis fabric left.

I am thrilled that my quilt is on the cover! And that the iconic ELVIS font done in Red is the title.

The book is full of amazing quilts with their stories and even has a section to show how one artist developed her piece. 

Houston was the first exhibit of the quilts. 

My quilt .. hanging in the show… in HOUSTON…  this is a first for me!

The exhibit was EXCITING to see…

With my favorite quilt at the end. When Elvis ended a concert they announced ‘Elvis has Left the Building’ so people would go home.. it’s a great quilt! you can see him leaving on the right. At the end I have a link to where the exhibit will be . If you have a facility interested, contact Donna. 

Donna and I will be chatting on Nov 19 on my podcast about the exhibit. Subscribe to my podcast.

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Recipes!!  I need some new crock pot recipes. Leave me links… this girl needs to put things to put in the crock pot! Or….

Do you use an air fyer? I’m considering one of these . My sister-in-law loves hers and I looked at this great book of recipes last time I was there. Didn’t get on yet.. fill me in on your thoughts!

I really loved Meredith Laurence’s books! She has a ton of great one on different topics/

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28 Replies to “Thank you, Thank you very much…”

  1. Awesome!!!! Congrats on your quilt being not only in the book, but on the cover!!!!
    Sorry I have no good recipes for the crock pot…mine are all epic fails!

  2. This is really cool, Pat! Love the story behind all quilts and themed quilts are always neat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Glad you are an Elvis fan and created a quilt to honor him. My younger brother LOVED Elvis…..did I mention LOVED Elvis! LOL! When he became ill with lung cancer, I made him an Elvis quilt to use on his bed. He didn’t even want us to remove it to launder it!! I still have it and his memory to treasure.

    Love your stories with your quilts.

  4. Congratulations on your Elvis quilt ! I use a crock pot mostly for beef stew and pot roast. Works great for both recipes. Have fun trying new recipes.

  5. Your Elvis story and quilt are so cool! Alas my parents wouldn’t let me watch or listen to Elvis, so I missed a lot. I did get to see a few of his movies and enjoy his music but never really became a fan, although I certainly NOW see the attraction.

    In my crockpot this week: 1 pound of packaged pre-cubed ham, 2 cans of pinto beans, 1 can cannalini beans, 1 can great northern beans, 1 can refried beans ( thickener), 1 big chopped onion, some cumin (I’m not big on spices) and lots of love. It came out great. You could add some veg broth if you want it soupier.

  6. Such a fun quilt and I would love to see these quilts in person! He has been gone a long time but is still loved as ever!.

  7. Your Elvis quilt is just wonderful.. What a fun trip.. I remember when Elvis was on The Ed Sullivan Show. (Yes, I’m THAT old) My mom let me watch it, even though she thought he was not as good as Pat Boone.. lol I still think that Elvis had a really lovely voice. I have a Christmas CD that I love. So yes, I’m old enough to have seen him on TV, and was so sad when I found out he had died. I just love your quilt!

  8. this is so cool wow i bet you had so much fun…i know i would of …loved the man and i still say he needed some more loving oh i wish he was still here …so fantastic of a trip you went on wow…so great …keep us informed of any more trips . …and of course where your quilt is going …that is so great and what an honor …so beautiful…congratulations …

  9. Love your quilt. About the crock pot. You (I) cook a lot of regular stuff in in. Chilli, soup, roasts, BBQ ribs. Just use your regular recipie and start early. Crock pots are meant to cook all day. Does need to be checked occasionally but really good to use on busy days where you want a hot meal and don’t want to mess around. Have fun and experiment..

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