Home is where your Heart is

I just got back last night from an event and I thought a few times about just doing this post another day. But…. here I am writing my thoughts for the week. 

Merry & Bright Houses

On Home

I’m working on the repeat house quilt from my Merry & Bright sew along.  I have done lots of house quilts over the years.  I was chatting about it to my Facebook community and wondered how many homes have they lived in? 

To me, my home is where I lived. Some were for just a few months, the last has been over 30 yrs.. by the way.. I don’t even know how that happened!  I have always made where I live my home.  I created a list of my homes

Tell me how many places you have lived in the comments, I’d love to know!

  1. Grandparents when born
  2. Apt 1 in NJ
  3. Apt 2 in NJ
  4. House 1 in NJ (we called it the White House and I got my own room)
  5. Grandparents until we moved to Europe
  6. Hotel in Europe until we found an apartment
  7. Apt in Germany
  8. House in Belgium
  9. College dorms (I’ll mark as one to include all years)
  10. Apt 3 in NJ
  11. Apt in Missouri
  12. First home in Missouri
  13. Apt 4 in NJ
  14. Apt in PA
  15. Townhouse rental in VA
  16. Our Home in VA, we had built, 32 yrs ago

The Links

Quilter’s Planner

Observations & Goals

You would think it should be easy to remember what went on over the last 7 days…. but I’m finding I sit here and things pop up that are in my mind right now. I did put a few notes in this draft article during the week. I might do more of that so that I’m not forgetting something I want to remember. 

This week I read part of the book Nancy Zieman’s  husband wrote about her last 5 years.  I’m on the book tour and you can win a copy HERE.

What struck me was the journaling style of his book.  From his notes, Nancy’s notes and the journal pages of their children. With all their thoughts documented, he was able to share Nancy’s incredible personality with us.   I got to thinking about jounaling. And how you can really keep track of your feelings and thoughts.  Your activities, your goals, and your dreams. 

So my observations and my goals are wrapped up into one this week. I just received the 2019 Quiler’s Planner and maybe this is my goal for 2019, to journal in the planner during the week, Notes, thoughts, activities. Then I can use that to write here weekly. This idea feels right. You know that feeling, where you just go ‘ahhh…yes’.. that will work, it will fit, and it’s doable. 

Do you journal?

If you want to journal with me in the Quilter’s Planner BUY ONE HERE


What I’m Reading This Week

I read a lot of things at the same time. maybe that’s kind of odd.  Right now I like reading books where I can read a chapter or two then come back to it much later and pick it up again.  Unless it’s a mystery novel, those I have to read straight through.  But I don’t like reading that way anymore.

This week I bought  ‘Whiskey in a Teacup’ because I was interested in reading Reese’s book on Southern Hospitality. I have thought a lot about WHY I really wanted to read this. I’d been talking about community with a friend. She has a lot of Amish friends and mentioned how well they do community.  Being a northern, I’ve enjoyed the unique community and hospitality of my friends from the south. It is different than what I experience other places. Reese is a story teller. Her opening talked about her grandmother, and that is what made me pick up the book.  So I can enjoy the whole story she tells, along  with the  glorious photos, by reading with the weight of the book in sitting in my lap.  It feels like a little retreat to take a break and sit with a gorgeous book.

I also read a bit more of Rocket Girls, I’ll have to share that one another week.

And.. a … Few …. more … Thoughts

The season has done a massive shift into fall. I’m wearing layers and scarves. I planted an orange mum by the front door.  And most important I’ve switched to a hot coffee for my afternoon break.

I must say the walk in the cold sucks. I do not enjoy that. BUT I’ve got to do it. And if you followed my search for a new fall coat, I’ve not found what I want yet.

Take a break this week to do something different. Next week I’ll ask you what you did … I’ll ask my self too!

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18 Replies to “Home is where your Heart is”

  1. newborn in Kentland apt. where my parents had to share a common bathroom!
    small twin rancher in Palmer Park until mid-fifth grade.
    small single rancher in Seabrook until I was 21.
    my own studio apt. in Riverdale
    shared 3 bedroom townhouse with friends in Greenbelt
    Got married
    2 bedroom apt. in Marathon
    1 bedroom apt. in Temple Hills
    2 bedroom twin rancher in Whitney Point
    5-months with sil in Phoenixville pregnant with #1
    2 bedroom apt. in Phoenixville
    3 bedroom twin in Souderton (three babies)
    3 bedroom multi-level in Lansdale
    3 bedroom single in Harleysville
    Bought a 3 bedroom rowhouse in North Wales
    rented 3 bedroom single in Lansdale
    bought a 3 bedroom twin in Norristown
    bought a 5 bedroom with an in-law suite in Eagleville ( taking care of parents)

    What a journey down memory lane. Maryland and Pennsylvania and a short time in Upstate New York

  2. Born in Port Clinton, Ohio – only a short time
    Apt in Saint Clair, MI – maybe 6 months
    Small Trailer – a few months
    Small home in Saint Clair Shores, MI – rented -a few months
    2 bedroom home in Saint Clair Shores, MI – 6-7 years
    3 bedroom home built by my grandfather – Fraser, MI – 14 years
    1st home after getting married – Detroit, MI – 10 years
    The home we live in now – Washington, MI – 42 years

  3. Started in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, where I was born, and lived with my parents until I left home to join the military.

    Military barracks in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, while in training, for 4 months.

    Military barracks in North Bay, Ontario,for 2 years.

    Apt 1 in North Bay, Ontario for 6 months.

    Apt 2 in North Bay, Ontario for 2 months

    Military housing in North Bay, Ontario for 3 years.

    Military housing in Cold Lake, Alberta for 3 years

    House #1 in Cold Lake, Alberta for 4 years

    House #2 in Cold Lake, Alberta for 2 years

    House in North Bay, Ontario for 1 year

    Apt in Calumet Island, Quebec for 6 months

    House in Calumet Island, Quebec for 6 months

    Apt #1 in Eagle Rock, New Brunswick, 8 months

    Apt in Westfield, New Brunswick, 5 months

    Apt in Public Landing, New Brunswick, 1 year

    Apt in Cold Lake, Alberta, one year

    House #3 Cold Lake, Alberta, 1 year

    House #4 Cold Lake, Alberta, 5 years

    House #4 Cold Lake, Alberta, 5 years

    House #5 Cold Lake, Alberta, 6 years, the home we now live in, and have no intention of moving, but who knows! 😉 Lol

  4. Born in painsville,oh. Then moved to perry,oh., then the family moved to pennsacola,fl. 2 different houses there, then off to penna. Center valley, pa., then quakertown,pa. For the longest. Married an army man, moved to ft.moumouth,n.j., then off to butzbach, Germany. 3 different places there. 3 years later back to penna.but this time in butler. Remarried, and moved to fremont,Ohio. 2 places here, but the house we’re in now 37 years.

  5. Lived in 6 different places(include forms as 1). I almost picked up that Whiskey in a Tea Cup book this week. Maybe I will get it. Love stories and story tellers. I dont think it at all odd to be reading multiple th sple things at once. That is what I do! (AND I give myself permission NOT to finishing reading something if it is crap/diesnt hold my interest) Forcing myself to get out and walk. –Even though in NW Pennsylvania we had sun, rain Hail ,and snow yesterday ugh!

    1. I also decide not to finish books Machelle, some I just don’t connect to. I’ve not read much of Whiskey yet, but learned that is a southern saying.. never heard it but after i got the book read that phrase several other places! Many it’s hard to walk in the cold.. I may need a ‘walk tally’ here to keep me accountable!

  6. Born in Whittier Ca lived there till I was 7
    La Habra,Ca for 11 years

    Fullerton,Ca 2 years
    Moved out of parents and lived as follows:
    La Habra, back to Fullerton, moved to New Mexico for 1 year
    Back to California to Fullerton where I met my 1st hubby. We moved to Ohio, lived there for 2 years.
    Back to California
    Lived in Anaheim, Yoruba Linda, Placencia, where I met my 2nd hubby. (32 years ago) moved to Escondido Ca 1991 been here since.

  7. I’m 70 years of age, you ask me to remember? Silly girl. The 60’s and 70’s would be questionable. LOL. Wow, don’t know if I will remember them all, but, here goes.
    First, my parents farm in Madrid (NY) till age 3?
    a rooming house in Cayuga Heights (Ithaca, NY)
    a rental farm in Danby, NY
    parents homestead purchase in Ithaca, NY (I was 5 or 6)
    married and moved San Diego, CA. instead of going to
    Woodstock that weekend
    move to Syracuse, NY to attend university
    move to NYC (hubbs worked for ABC)
    move to Ithaca, NY
    move to Freeville, NY
    move to Dresserville, NY
    1st house purchase – move to Moravia, NY
    move to Dryden, NY
    move to Ithaca, NY
    move to Enid, Oklahoma where I now reside after 2 husbands, 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild later and about 40 years of quilting

  8. Where have I lived really got me thinking, lived in the same house the first 17 years of my life, then college dorms, my cousins family when I first started my work life, Lake Washington beach front apt, another apt, back home with my parents, with friends parents, two different apts, then the house my husband and I built and have been here for 39 years. As for journaling, I started in the early 2000’s when our son went off to college so he could know what we were doing BUT he has never read them, maybe when I’m gone. Before that I wrote things on a calendar and have saved them over the years. Love writing in my journal and I have a separate one in my sewing room to just jot down projects I’m working on and when I get them finished.

    1. I think it’s fun to think back to where we lived, I had to count through it more than once to remember them all. Lovely you have journals for so long. I am sure he will love reading them, does he know you have them Susan?

  9. Places I have lived:
    Parent’s house in Tucson, Arizona
    First apartment Barrio Matian, Provence of Subic, Island of Luzon, Philippines
    Duplex on base at Subic Bay, Philippines
    House Sierra Vista, Arizona
    Apartment outside of Worms, Germany (Osthofen)
    House #1 outside of Brussels, Belgium (Meerbeck)
    House #2 outside of Brussels, Belgium (Krainheim)
    Apartment Norman, Oklahoma
    House Norman, Oklahoma

    It’s fun to see where everyone has lived! A few months ago on another site I reconnected with a friend whom I met while living in the Philippines as newly weds.. We had lost contact through our various moves and it has been so much fun catching up.

  10. Oh my, at age 76, and married to two AF officers, it’s hard to remember, but:
    Born in Phoenix, AZ
    Gardena, CA
    Long Beach, CA
    Stanton, CA. ( parents divorced)
    Montebello, CA.
    Orange, CA. two different houses (mom remarried)
    Kansas City, MO. (airline hostess)
    Orange, CA. (married)
    Anaheim, CA.
    Santa Monica, CA.
    Big Spring, TX. (first child born)
    Murfreesboro, TN.
    Garden Grove, CA.
    Taichung, Taiwan
    Whittier, CA.
    Castle AFB, CA. (Merced, CA.)
    Barksdale AFB, LA. (bought 1st house) (second child born)
    Prattville, AL.
    Barksdale AFB, LA. (Bossier City, LA.). (third child born)
    Edwards AFB, CA. (1st house on base)
    Wright Patterson AFB, OH. (bought 2nd. house)
    Edwards AFB, CA. (2nd house on base)
    Edwards AFB, CA. (3rd. house on base) (started quilting)
    Tehachapi, CA. (built house) (18 yrs there)
    Tehachapi, CA. (built 2nd house, 19 yrs. here} (Lost 1st husband)
    Pebble Beach, CA. (2nd. husband)
    Tehachapi, CA.

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