Procrastination is not a word I use much

I usually just do things. I don’t mull them over too much, I just do them. 

But sometimes a task is more time consuming or …I know it will take a lot of brain power and focus. So sometimes then.. I’ll procrastinate.

Generally if I had just DONE the task, it would take less time then the countless things I did to AVOID doing the task. Like…

  • Do my bathrooms need cleaned? 
  • Dishwasher emptied
  • How about resort my red fabrics, because that seems to NEED to be done
  • Pull weeds… and the list goes on and on and on

It was a weird feeling the other day to procrastinate. As I stitched this striped binding… which I was doing to avoid a time consuming task, I thought about how….  if I had just started the project… I would be done by now.

Do you do this… avoid hard tasks by doing loads of meaningless things instead? 

Someday very soon it will be soup making time. I’ve been cruising Bluprint looking for great soup recipes.  

One of my goals for this winter is to try more new recipes and I love making soup and breads.  Bluprint has FREE learning through 10/12 it’s perfect for seeing if you want a subscription, details below

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4 Replies to “Procrastination is not a word I use much”

  1. Yes, I procrastinate too. If I do something productive during that period such as weed pulling, folding clothes etc I just say I moved onto other tasks. If I just sit down & watch a tv show or take a nap I say I’m giving my mind & body a rest. So is it procrastination or waiting to do the job when you are fresh & won’t have to redo it? Sorry, I’m missing the free class time but mind, body & soul are being refreshed in a sunny warm spot in VA during October with a sis n law who lives far from us.

  2. It is funny. I am the same as you. I will avoid project. Then when I finally do complete it; I am like, Why didn’t I just do it in the first place.
    This seems to happen most once I have completed a quilt top. I machine quilt my quilts but, how should I do it; what should I use for backing.
    Thanks for your note…going to check out some soup recipe

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