What’s included at Bluprint, you’ll be surprised!

I’ve been exploring what is at Bluprint, and it’s pretty exciting! I give you the lay of the land and a few of my favorite finds

Pat Sloan bluprint what

If you have been familiar with Craftsy they were purchased by the NBC network awhile ago.

  • They are changing the system to create a new online Lifestyle site called ‘MyBluPrint that has put learning in a format more like you see on TV, but without the commercials, which is pretty darn neat!  
  • Over the next few months I’ll do a series of article to highlight features, let’s get started!
Pat sloan bluprint menu button

The menu of topics sends you to a more detailed list of options by topic, Such as: 

  • OUR FAVORITES – might be a tutorial, a pattern or a class
  • BEST FOR BEGINNERS – so if you are new, this will get your started to the topic
  • A Current Article or tutorial
  • CLASSES followed by the whole list of what’s available.

I like having the highlights section first to get me ideas and inspiration! 

Would you do me a favor?

At the End, tell me which section above you want to know more about!

Pat sloan bluprint spark button

On the right side is the ‘Featured section’. This is the area that I’ve been exploring. Let’s look at SPARK first, I believe this is the most exciting new section (at least until I explore the others, wink!)

  • There are short interviews with artists, makers, and creators. I’m very inspired by how creative people work in any medium. I really loved reading the interview then watching Stephen “tWitch” Boss, a dancer, choreographer and entertainer.  He has such great passion for what he does.
  • It reminds me that we all need to at times look at other creative people as we can be so inspired by their energy. 

A few Other Interviews I loved are

  • Lauri Kranz on gardening, it’s a great interview
  • Griffon Ramsey creates art with a chain saw, and her story to how this happened is inspiring
  • Crochet Artist Olek, Watch the video, you will TOTALLY relate to her thoughts on never getting tired of what you love!

CLICK TO check out SPARK during your FREE Trial! 

Pat sloan bluprint quilt article button
  • All your Craftsy classes are there, see the FAQ link at the end for more info
  • There are new quilting articles HERE
  • And new short format ‘Subscription only’ Quilting video tutorials.  
  • This is super tutorial for a block to use up 2.5″ strips, written by my friend Lindsay. She does a great job showing you step by step


Pat sloan bluprint Drawing1
  • I’ve been doing a bit of journaling and this article on ‘4 ways to Start & Keep a Mindfulness journal’ is great and to the point! 


Give it a try!


Everything you need to quilt and sew at Craftsy.com

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