A bit of Pie

The Art of Pie

I some how came across this book by Kate McDermott. My favorite dessert in the world is pie crust. Yep, I have to have some filling with it, but really its the crust that I’m after. I have a friend learning to make pies and I’m a wee bit jealous.

When I spotted this I did the Kindle book sample, which i do for most things I want to read. Kate teaches pie making, a LOT of pie making. And in her book she weaves a bit of life into her pies.

This got me to thinking.. maybe I can learn to MAKE amazing pies.

BUY the BOOK, it’s pretty fabulous!

It’s been somewhat of a normal week…. which I’m thankful for.

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Fabric makes a difference

Do you avoid purchasing certain things? I tend to get used to an item and when I need to replace it or get more,  they don’t make that anymore.  My recent ‘thing’ was new sheets.

I needed to order sheets…like a few years ago. I didn’t’ necessarily like what I had, but I had them. And I wanted something better but how do you know what is better? 

Then I remembered that my Sister-in-law has the nicest sheets on the beds at their home. When we stayed there earlier this year I told myself to ask Whitney what brand, hoping they were not super pricey.  

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Home is where your Heart is

I just got back last night from an event and I thought a few times about just doing this post another day. But…. here I am writing my thoughts for the week. 

Merry & Bright Houses

On Home

I’m working on the repeat house quilt from my Merry & Bright sew along.  I have done lots of house quilts over the years.  I was chatting about it to my Facebook community and wondered how many homes have they lived in? 

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What’s included at Bluprint, you’ll be surprised!

I’ve been exploring what is at Bluprint, and it’s pretty exciting! I give you the lay of the land and a few of my favorite finds

Pat Sloan bluprint what

If you have been familiar with Craftsy they were purchased by the NBC network awhile ago.

  • They are changing the system to create a new online Lifestyle site called ‘MyBluPrint that has put learning in a format more like you see on TV, but without the commercials, which is pretty darn neat!  
  • Over the next few months I’ll do a series of article to highlight features, let’s get started!
Pat sloan bluprint menu button

The menu of topics sends you to a more detailed list of options by topic, Such as: 

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Pat’s Podcast

2 American Patchwork Quilting Pocast episode 387 July 23 2018

I have so many new people join me I wanted to take a minute to tell you about my podcast for American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

I started my podcast on Jan 18, 2010, which is over 8 yrs ago of podcasts.  In 2012 I partnered with American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine and have been producing and hosting the show ever since!

My show is available for download after 6pm on Monday evenings eastern time.

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